Atom X Clean Agent fire suppression Systems

Atom X Clean Agent fire suppression Systems

The Atom X fire suppression system doesn’t demand any structural change neither consumes the floor space nor leads to  down time, as this innovative system is mounted on the ceiling of the space.

Designed with smart and sensitive features, it minimizes the possibility of false activation and safeguards the premises.

The system is an automated smart network of ceiling mounted agent containers, an array of detection devices and a control panel.

Requires Minimal Fittings: A key advantage of the system is that it does not require an extensive network of pipes, fittings and ducts; and the plumbing & mechanical works associated with it.

Cost Effective Solution: Since the system does not require so many fittings, fixtures and plumbing, it works out to be highly cost effective.

Easy to Install: The system is a retro-fittable one and hence can be installed in a running and functional premises without hindering the daily business operations of the place. This is because minimal structural changes are required to be done in the premises to install the system.
Intelligent Detection: The detection module of the system can include devices that are most suitable to address the risks present at the premises.

Consumes Minimal Productive Space: The system being ceiling mounted consumes no floor space. Big boon for business premises where productive floor space is not consumed by the system’s agent containers.

Tamper Proof by Design: Being ceiling mounted, the system also becomes tamper proof as the system is not accessible to everyone.